Thursday, April 2, 2015

TNT (Tapestry and Thanksgiving); Powerful Stuff!

            If you have a sharp eye for color you may have noticed the table cloth pictured in my header and the scarf I’m wearing in my profile picture are one in the same. My husband, Bill, sent me this gift during his deployment in Afghanistan. He chose well don’t you think?

            The myriad of colorful threads woven into various shades and patterns provide a grand illustration of friendships. Both gifts, the scarf and friendships, fill my heart with gratitude. Yet, gratitude unexpressed is like a tea pot never poured; it serves nobody. I thanked my husband for this scarf and now it’s time to pour out my gratitude to those who’s stories have intertwined with mine.

            The apostle Paul begins many of his letters in the Bible pouring out his gratitude both to God and those who have fellowship with him in the gospel, a fact that puts me in good company as I make this first post. My story is not simply mine nor is yours just yours. God weaves us in our mother’s womb and if we let Him He will take our history and weave it into HIS story.

            I thank God for doing just that with my life back in 1981. By the time I was twenty the tapestry that was my life was a tattered mess. He took the rag of dark threads, woven in a fallen world and frayed by my own rebellion, and repurposed it for my good and His glory. He began weaving the brilliantly colored threads of fellow saints; forever friends in the forever life He gave me. This Sunday being Easter seems the perfect time to thank Him for that new life, His resurrection life and His church, my forever family. Thank YOU Father for making me new and weaving wonderful people in my life!

            I thank God for the saints of Temple Baptist Church, First Baptist of University Place (both in Tacoma, WA), EastGate Baptsit in Bellvue,Wa and Grace Baptist in Coralville,IA. You nurtured me in my spiritual infancy. You feed me the milk of God’s Word and gave me a craving for meat; the deeper truths of the Bible. I found my husband in your fellowship and grieved the loss of my stillborn child with you. Your love, an extension of God’s, sustained me and embraced my broken soul restoring it to vitality.

            I’m thankful to the women who attended Meadowood Baptist church from 1886-1998. For twelve years our stories shuttled across God’s loom and a few of you remain actively intertwined with me until now. You taught me to be your pastor’s wife. We learned to be mommies together. You extended grace to me, constantly giving and forgiving. Thank you!

            I give thanks to the sisters who were part of Community Baptist Church of Hillsboro, OR from 1999-2009. We entered a new millennium together. We raised teenagers. We started home businesses and watched our nests begin to empty; our children marry and move away. We studied, prayed, and retreated together. Together we looked forward to our grand promotions as our children began having children. You have blessed me beyond measure, thank you!

            Next to my dear sisters of Grace Baptist in Manhattan, KS, thank you for your open arm welcome. It is a privilege to serve with you. I have enjoyed this past couple years of not knowing where we’re going as Bill began as your interim pastor then deployed as a Navy chaplain to Afgahnistan. You took great care of me in Bill’s absence. Now we know God is keeping us here together for a while and you are doing a fabulous job of helping me bloom where I’ve been transplanted. You are upholding me on this new endeavor of writing for which I am most grateful, thank you!

            Finally thanks you to each of you who took the time to read this. My hope is that it stimulates you to an explosion of thankfulness for the tapestry of friendships God has woven your life with. Take a moment this Easter to recount God’s handiwork in your own life and tell your friends, “Thank you!” 


  1. I read this post twice and got choked up each time I got to the part of 'to the women of Grace Baptist Church, Manhattan, Ks.' So thankful The Father has chosen to weave you into each of our tapestries. For the record,I would definitely buy your book.

    1. Lindsay, thanks so much for taking time to read my blah, blah, blog. Your gift of music makes my heart sing. Your friendship is one of the blessings of being at GBC!! You are a brilliant thread in HISstory!!