Friday, May 15, 2015


Sim*plic*i*tea \sim-ˈpli-sə-tē, -ˈplis-tē\  n- lack of complexity or difficulty, plain, uncomplicated much like a bag of Lipton.

          Four active children, one in college, two in high school and the last in elementary, claimed me as mom and dubbed me their taxi driver. My pastor doubled as my husband. I had about a dozen children’s church teachers to train and schedule. Lessons for women’s Bible study and Sunday school I needed to prepare. My part time retail employment provided my only paycheck which provided braces for one of my girls. The women’s retreat coming up required publicity and I served as the soul graphic artist in our women’s ministry. Are you tired of watching me spin plates yet? I was sure tired of spinning them!

          Taking my Bible, tea, and toast to the patio for my usual breakfast meeting with God, I plopped it all down and sighed over my to-do list that lacked margins.

          “SIMPLICITY, LORD! I long for simplicity. What do I quit? What should I say no to? How long can I keep spinning all these plates before they crash on my head?! HELP!!”

          Silence, I was hoping for at least a still small voice but no just silence. Since God wasn't whispering to me, I opened my Bible to read His word and try to find resolution to my problem. A familiar buzz distracted me from reading. I looked toward the sound and the sparkle of bright green feathers caught my gaze. God’s gentle voice whispered in my ear, “You asked Me for simplicity. Watch this humming bird and I will show you something better.”

          I watched intently. The first thing I noticed was how still the body of the bird was. It just hung there fixed in mid air. Then I studied its wings or at least the blurred traces of them. Humming bird wings move with such rapid motion that it produces that loud buzz but the movement is not frantic. It’s controlled and rhythmic. Is it any wonder these tiny creatures eat pure sugar? That was my next observation; the bird had its long beak buried in a flower sipping long and deep of the nectar within.

          “I AM your sustenance," the Lord reminded me, "Feed on Me. Keep your heart still and focus on Me. Then I will strengthen you and sustain you in the constant activities I give you to do for My glory.”
(Understand His voice was not audible but the whisper of His Spirit to my heart.)
       I recalled Jesus words in Luke 10:41-42,  “Martha, Martha you are worried and troubled about many things but one thing is needful. Mary has chosen that good part which will not be taken away from her.”.

          I wanted less. God wanted to give me more; more of Himself, His power, His grace, His peace. I wanted plain. He gave me extravagance, the “one thing”. He is that One thing; His Word, His presence. Going out to my patio that morning was like going into a fine tea shop and asking the retailer for a bag of Lipton. 

Instead the retailer poured me a fine cup of Ceylon steeped from loose leaf. I ordered simplici~tea but God served me singulari~tea instead.

Are you burdened by the business in your life or blessed by the opportunities to serve?

When you are over committed do you feel too busy to spend time with God or do you draw closer to Him?

Can you share a time when spending time alone with God sustained you through an impossibly busy day?

Thank You, Father, that you work through our weakness.You know when we need to work hard and You sustain us. You know when we need rest and You provide it. Thank you that You give us Yourself. Let us learn to take time for the One thing that we need, You! Amen

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