Friday, May 29, 2015


Tran*quil*li*tea \tran-ˈkwi-lə-tē, traŋ-\ - n A steady state of peaceful calm. The quality of being undistracted while enjoying the aroma and flavor of earl grey.

          Sitting on the hard exam table, draped in a drafty hospital gown, I waited for the technician to return with the results of my second mammogram and breast ultra sound. The previous one just a few weeks before had revealed something that seemed amiss and the Doctor wanted a closer look. Oddly enough I found myself in a lovely, tranquil state of mind.
         “Whatever it takes Lord for you to be glorified in my life I’m game for it. If you allow me to have cancer You’ll give me the grace to endure and survive or die fighting faithfully.”
         I know this sounds absurd but I almost hoped it was cancer because I felt the need to be pruned a bit. I longed to be conformed to Christ’s image regardless of the cost.

          The Technician returned happy to tell me I simply had dense breast tissue and there was nothing to worry about. So I put my street clothes back on went on my merry way. No new storms that day. So where did that peace come from?
          I can assure you it is not something I’ve always had. My heart is prone to worry and fear just like yours. I have experienced deep depression at times due to unchecked anxiety. However, that day I enjoyed the peace that passes all understanding because I have learned to sip tranquilli~tea as a habit of life. This tranquilli~tea is served daily as I have breakfast with God.
            Every mild morning I gather my Bible, pen, and paper along with my cup of hot Earl Grey and something toasted; English muffin, bagel, or whole grain bread, and proceed to my yard. I sit in my glider listening to choirs of birds perform their morning anthem.

          Smelling the scents of new blossoms and fresh air has the power to both calm and awaken me. Here I visit with my Maker. I open the pages of His Word and feast my soul on the bread of life. I listen for His still small voice and He listens to my myriad of praise and prayer. I pour out my concerns releasing all worries to Him. These conversations are generally the highlight of my day. This pursuit of tranquility in God’s presence strengthens and sustains me more than the tea and toast. These peaceful breakfast dates with my Father are my soul source of continuing inner peace.

          If the weather does not permit an outside venue I still take time to have breakfast with God each morning because I am not a mere fair weather follower of Christ. When my schedule becomes exceptionally demanding I’ve discovered the secret of stopping. I take a full day away sometimes, just to be still and know He is God. Without him I can do nothing of any eternal significance but with Him all things become possible. Pursuing the peace of God in the midst of life’s storms pours tranquilli~tea into my soul. As my cup overflows my fretfulness spills away.
       It is possible to have a stormy heart in a tranquil setting. It is not what is out side of me that causes me to sin with anxiety. That anxiety is the state of my heart because I’m failing to trust God and let Him be God. Anxie~tea, a bitter brew, leads me to depression. God tells me to cast those cares on Him because He cares for me. He also created bergamot, the delightful citrus fruit used to flavor black tea and create Earl Grey. Bergamot is a natural anti depressant. Its fragrance is bright, calming and joyful. Just smelling it produces a calming effect. A true cup of tranquilli~tea! God’s provisions of His Word, His presence and His creation bless my soul daily. After a cup of Earl Grey and a conversation with God I’m good to go, Unhurried and unflappable, tranquil inside.

How do you find tranquility in the hustle and bustle of life? What are some ways you enjoy fellowship with God? When is a time you’ve enjoyed His peace in the midst of a storm?

Dear Father, may we enjoy Your calming presence daily. May we experience the peace You offer, the peace that passes all understanding, as we relinquish our futile attempts to control what we cannot. Amen

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