Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eight Great Reasons to Unplug!

In the midst of your summer hubbub you may not have noticed I failed to post last Tuesday. I neglected email and I chose not to peruse Facebook . I intentionally unplugged for 10 days. This media fast freed me to be with my family, a rare privilege. So here are my eight great reasons to unplug:

1. My GRANDSON! He came just in time to celebrate his second birthday! He is all boy. He loves riding the lawn tractor and Grandpa's "Bacuda!" ('69 Barracuda)

2. My GRAND daughter who reigns as the family princess. She just turned four.
3. Their mommy, my oldest daughter Rachel.

4. My son-in-law, Niall, father of my fabulous grand babies and husband to Rachel, who managed to avoid the camera. Fortunately, this chimp stood in for him. (I love taking kids to the zoo!)

5. My youngest daughter. I call her the Mamma Bear of Washington. She's a state trooper who delights in protecting the innocent and busting bad guys.

6. & 7. The middles! My middle daughter Jenni married a middle man (second of three brothers), Jared. They put up balloons for the birthday boy.

and last but not least #8.
the baby bump known as GRAND daughter #2 or O'Neill #3. She makes her debut in early October or late September!!

I hope you have some peeps worth unplugging for this summer. Enjoy being with the real people. Make some memories. Give lots of hugs and kisses. Plugging into the family and friends who are present keeps the summer sunshine glowing all year!!

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