Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Refocus When You're Fractured: A Poem to Pray

Last week I spilled my guts about how frenzied I felt. Then I shared the three steps I take to get refocused. Often when I find myself in that scattered state of mind I pray this poem by Anne Ortlund. It's one of my favorites.

How single, God, are You – how whole!
One Source You are, one Way, one Goal.
I tend to splinter all apart
With fractured mind, divided heart;
Oh, integrate my wandering maze
To one highway of love and praise.

O single mast’ring Life of peace
At Whose command the ragings cease,
Keep calling to me, “Peace be still,”
To redirect my scattered will
Keep gath’ring back my heart to You.
Keep cent’ring all I am and do.

O focused Spot of holy ground,
Silence which is the Source of sound,
I drop the clutter from my soul,
Reorganized by Your control;
Then single, whole before Your throne,
I give myself to You alone. 

Father, please, use Anne's words to encourage and refocus my sister who feel scattered and over committed today. Thank You for how You used this poem to grow me and remind me You are the One Thing I have need of. Amen

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