Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Singing Through the Storms

In February, 1984 my beloved Bill took me on a special first anniversary getaway to Cannon Beach Oregon. That was the first time I experienced Cannon Beach. It soon became and has remained one of my favorite beaches. He also bought me a photo of the beach with Psalm 93:4 written on it, "The Lord on High is mightier than the noise of many waters, yeah than the mighty waves of the sea. It hung in our home for many years. The verse hangs in my heart for all eternity.

In helping our Women's Retreat speaker come up with a theme this year. She liked Surf's Up. She'll be sharing from Matthew chapter seven about God's word preserving us through the floods of life. Psalm 93:4 jumped into the for front of my mind as a great theme verse. Suzanne, our speaker, liked it too.

Later that week I found myself reading Psalm 93. Then I was singing it. Next thing I knew I had a chorus stuck in my head. Please, understand I am not exceptionally musical. I do make up silly songs on occasion. Then I did something totally silly. I video taped me singing on my phone and texted it to a very musical friend, Lindsay.

"So what do you think Linsay? Any real song potential?" Lindsay's written several songs. She liked my song in the rough and began to polish it.She even added a cool call response part. Then we got the retreat worship team together and with their help made the final edits.

Sunday, August 23rd we completed writing the song. The next day I had a heart attack and the day after that I landed in the hospital for three days. I wasn't the only one in deep water. Our church got hammered that week. One woman's 49 year old son died, An elderly gentleman in our church broke his hip. A middle aged man had a stroke. And another woman's sister passed away.

Guess if I write a song about God being mightier than the floods of life He was going to give me opportunity to sing it. So I did. Sang it several times during my hospital stay. God is good all the time. And yes, He is mightier than the waves of the sea! Here's a video of the debut of the new song Psalm 93 being sung at the women's retreat this past weekend.

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