Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Relearning an Old Lesson

Have you ever been so tired you could fall asleep standing? That's how tired I felt the first (and every) time I was pregnant. The first time was the worst because I didn't expect it. I could sleep ten hours at night, take a two hour nap, and still have barely enough energy to drag myself through the day like a zombie. I could not keep up with work, home, and ministry commitments. I cried out to God for help and wisdom.

His response took me to what an older  woman should have been telling me: Titus 2:3-5. I needed to love my husband, my unborn child, and keep up my home. That's what He told me to do. Then the Holy Spirit added this clear impression: "If you can't do those three things, nothing else you're doing is My will for you." That made my life manageable. I dropped everything that didn't contribute to the well being of my household. No more seminary wive's choir or church choir. No more teaching Sunday School. I needed to set an example for those junior high girls that my husband and home came first.

This past year, in the pursuit of a new career as a writer, I forgot that lesson. I failed to settle into my house, the one I moved into two and a half years ago. Granted I didn't know I was staying in this house until twelve months ago. TWELVE months and still not settled! No shelves in my library for my books to rest on. It's tough when your references for writing are still in boxes. A craft room that should double as a guest room stands in use as a large closet, and a messy one at that! Empty boxes and bubble wrap that I thought I may need again have exploded all over my basement along with several half unpacked boxes of items I need to use, store or toss. A bathroom sink and vanity complete the basement disaster, remains of a remodel done last spring.

My loving, wise husband assured me he did not mind. He also didn't mind the unvacuumed floors, dusty furniture, and dirty bathrooms that plagued us all summer as I tried to write my book and meet self imposed deadlines. Then WHAMMM, my heart attack! The counsel from Titus 2:3-5 haunts me. I need to take seriously the instruction to love my husband, children (now all grown and gone from my house), and be a keeper of my home. So until I get my house in order I can't commit to a weekly blog. I hope you understand.

There is a season for everything and in this season I need to settle in for the long haul. Once settled I will begin in earnest to write again. Until then I hope the lesson I'm learning over again will help you prioritize too. For those of us who are married women God's will is simple; Love our husband, love our children, keep our homes. If you're doing that and have extra time praise God and use it for His glory!

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