Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A New Perspective for a New Year: Part 5

I’m broiling steak in the oven right now. I need to watch the clock as I write because soon it will be time to flip them over. Both sides need to be cooked before I can enjoy my steak dinner. In much the same way God knew we needed directions in both of our relationships: vertical and horizontal, divine and human. At this point the Ten Commandments take a turn, and direct us in how we should treat people. Ooops! Wrote a little too long. Guess I’m eating steak on the well side.

1.     16 “‘Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

Hot, sweaty, and exhausted I sat up in the delivery bed as the nurse handed me my new born daughter. The room around me faded as my eyes transfixed on this new face of the future. It is an inexplicable moment, meeting your child for the first time, a wondrous, miraculous, even terrifying moment. Life begins with family. It is the primary human relationship. That’s why when God turns to telling us how to get along He begins with that essential relationship.

God made Adam and Eve and told them to go parent humanity. Why? Because God dwells in His own sort of family; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit together in a mysterious unity beyond human comprehension. So, what about His family can we learn from this commandment? Together, the three live in an orderly existence.Though all in the God head are equally God, there is an order of authority.

He establishes the same order in human families. Children must learn obedience to their parents just as Jesus, Son of God, obeyed His Father perfectly. Our God is a God of order. This command is unique in that it gives a promise to those that keep it; “that you days may be long in the land
I am giving you.” This shows us God rewards those who honor Him by giving honor to their parents. He desires to bless us. That too is part of His creative order; blessing follows obedience.

Christ honored His Father. John tells us that the Pharisees considered Jesus an illegitimate child yet Jesus proclaims clearly Who his Father is and that he is honoring his Father, God, by doing all God sent him to accomplish (John 8:13-59). Not only did Jesus honor God, He is God, One with the Father.

When I honor my earthly parents, I am honoring God’s structure of authority. It frees me to flow with creations order and enjoy God’s blessing. It frees me from isolation and brings me into the fellowship of community, family.

Dear Father,

Thank You for earthly fathers and mothers that teach us obedience. That as we learned to honor them we are learning to honor You. Thank you that we are made from family for family. Thank You for calling us into Your forever family.


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