By the time I turned twenty my life reeked with the decay of sin, just a heap of dead dried leaves. Then the Holy Spirit began pouring the hot water of truth into my life. The truth that I sinned and needed a savior, that Jesus, the sinless Son of God, died to pay the penalty I owed. These truths steeped my heart and change this old bag of dried up leaves into a fragrant, refreshing cup overflowing. The truth of God’s Word continues to transform me because I’m far from perfect but lavished in grace. My passion to see women transformed by Truth, by Jesus who is Truth, compels me to pour grace and truth into the cups of others.

The Mosaic of Me
  •     Became a Christ follower in 1981
  •     Married my one & only husband, Bill, in 1983
  •     Been a pastor’s wife since 1986 a role I believe is God’s calling on my life. I LOVE His church.
  •     I’m a card caring member of The Four and No More Club, blessed with four grown children. Three daughters and one son; Rachel O’Neil and her husband Niall are the parents of my grandkids, Jenni (a lawyer) and Jared Broderick in TX, Anna (a state trooper) in WA, Jon is a sailor in Uncle Sam's Navy.

  •     Yes, I live in Kansas but I’m a west coaster at heart.
  •     My current home is near the Kansas coast, the shores of “Tuttle Puddle,” as a friend of mine from Lawrence, KS calls it.
  •     I’ve lived in 12 states; I’m a navy brat turned brat (like the sausage) because, you see, my husband’s from WI and 3 of my 4 kids were born there.
  •  I enjoy water color painting, scrapbooking, and working retail as hobbies. And I’m hoping to learn stained glass soon!
  •      I am GRAND! At least that what my grandkids call me. Actually, they call me “Grammy” but it sure makes me feel GRAND!

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